Monday, May 2, 2016

McCall's Quick Quilt 2016 Project with Holly Holderman

I've been making fun blocks with Holly Holderman's Two by Two quilt project through McCall's Quick Quilts.  Previously I blogged about my Jan/Feb first blocks.
Sew far I've made 8 blocks in the series.  It isn't too late to get started.  The magazine is inexpensive and the project is fun and fast.
These are my Feb/March blocks

These are my April/May blocks. 

And these latest two are from June/July.  Yes the June/July publication is on sale.

My blocks are all kind of yellow/cherry pink/Gray combinations with the accent of green for the leaves.  I'm good at keeping up sewing my blocks but not very good at posting them.  I love working with the scallop design and I've been using the scallop in several quilts.  Speaking of, I need to post those!


Monday, February 1, 2016

I've actually been Sewing

Just an update on things I've been working on.  I've been busy sewing and living.  You know.
I made these potholders for my sister Teri.  I used the barn block from Lori Holt's book Farm Girl Vintage
The last thing I need is another valentine quilt but I can't resist.  I used the scallops for the edge from Sunrise Studio.  I can't get enough of them.  I have them in all sizes now.   I snapped this pic from my ironing board.  You can see my cute ironing board cover using Lori Holt fabric
I used the medium sized scallops for these houses.  And Pam Kitty Morning fabric from my stash, among other fabrics.  
More houses.  I have more hearts I'm making, too.  Can't stop I guess.  So I'm now making a Home is Where the Heart Is quilt.  Just mashing hearts and houses together.  I'm sewing an hour or so each day.  It is easier on me to not marathon sew anymore.  But sewing is so good for my head.  It clears out the cobwebs.

Happy Sewing.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sew Fun project from Lakehouse Dry Goods

Holly at Lakehouse Dry Goods has created a great quilting project for 2016.  The quilt is called Two by Two. McCall's Quick Quilts will be publishing blocks in each issue that will end in a beautiful and unique quilt.  I really love the Lakehouse scalloped fabrics and have used them in several projects.  They make such a sweet perfect curves that come together without applique or piecing.  If you don't already subscribe to Quick Quilts, this might be the year to be sure to grab each issue.  Click the link to get the magazine on sale right now.  

I really like the idea of spreading out a nice project throughout the year that I can look forward to with each block installment.  Each issue gives instructions for 2 color versions of the same block.

I think it is great that even though there is a little fussy cutting, the project is really quick and easy.  And I love love to fussy cut.  The instructions are simple with good diagrams.  And even I can turn out a perfect block!

I'm kind of playing around with color right now.  I haven't been able to decide which colors of the scallops to use so I may end up with a more scrappy color scheme for my quilt.

This is the kind of project I can carry out and stick with throughout this year. This quilt is a finisher for sure.  


Thursday, November 5, 2015

FYI Spoonflower

Every year I order calendar tea towels to gift at Christmas from Spoonflower.  When Spoonflower has their 2 for 1 fat quarter sale in November, it makes it affordable.  Each calendar is then $6.00.  I order the cotton poplin and a fat quarter is a complete tea towel.  I trim the edges and add binding, of course, before gifting.  I'm not gaining anything by telling you about this sale but you might want to think about doing this for inexpensive or last minute gifts to have on hand.

These are some towels I gave at Christmas in 2011.

[image] Ditsy Lizards winners!

I try to be more organized for Christmas every year.  Time slips by so fast.  Happy Gifting.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall Quilts

Recently I put together an assortment of blocks from Lori's Farm Girl Vintage book, her Quilty Fun book plus some of my own pumpkin block creations.  I found I had enough blocks for 2 full quilts with left overs.
I put together one quilt for myself but I hung it at the reception area of my work place to cheer up patients as they waited for the doctors.  Next fall I will hang it at my house and figure out another quilt for fall at work.
The other fall quilt I put together for a great friend who has helped me through some issues and listened to me when I needed an ear.  I'm very grateful to her and I thought a Thanksgiving theme fabric would be a great border for both quilts.  I used Riley Blake's Thanksgiving Harvest fabric.  And of course most of the blocks are scrappy with odd bits of prints from my shelves.  Scrappy is my favorite.

I've also got a table runner to finish binding.  I will show that one later after I watch a movie and hand stitch. 

Yes, I've been gone quite a bit from my blog.  But I'm still sewing and busy with my usual life.


Monday, April 27, 2015

I actually MADE something this past weekend

I wanted to sew this past weekend even if it was only for a short time.  I have plenty of projects I could have dug back into but my brain and hands were wanting something else.  I love strawberries and it pretty much is the season with berries shipped here from California.  So what could be better than a strawberry block?
Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage book had arrived in the mail. And I had been reading and looking at it bedside so I thought I would make something from the new book.
I actually cut out scrappy fabric to make 7 blocks.  I wanted to make something small and simple for a few people so the blocks will be made into hot pads.  I am all ready to make one everyday or so this week.  But my newest granddaughter, Claire, will be here for 10 days starting tonight.  We will see if I can pry my hands off her.  Pics to follow with all 3 granddaughters.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Maybe an old dog can learn new tricks?

Life.  It happens.  Thanks to all my friends and family for the love and support as I build back from injuries and  a life of wear and tear (ahem, and 8 kids!).  I'm recovering from hip replacement surgery and doing well.  I will have the other side done later this year.  Hopefully in the next couple weeks I will be back to swimming everyday and eventually to be able to sit and sew for a length of time.  I'm itching to get into my stash and move forward.  I've decided to sift through unfinished projects and choose something I can easily finish and do that first.  I've got a full spring and summer with family/friend visits and vacations planned so I need to focus on recovery right now.  I have 3 granddaughters I want to be able to play with and enjoy.  That is very motivating.

Life is about moving forward everyday and getting through our struggles.  We all have them.  We don't often talk about them.  In my house we are perfectly imperfect.  Just like my quilts.  None of them is without flaws, some flaws major and some minor but I enjoy each one.  I've missed being creative as I've taken a break from my love of quilting.  I have missed being inspired by your projects, too.  And like old friends, we can always pick up and go from where we left off.  Thanks for patience and support.  Love abounds.  


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Baby Quilt for Claire Merrill McNeil

I really do apologize for all my long absences on my blog.  I think about my blog friends and especially am grateful for those that have sent me greetings and well wishes and more.  I'm entering a "rehab type" major surgery next month and someday Humpty Dumpty Nanette will be put together again.  I hope.
My 3rd granddaughter was born 2 weeks ago.  Claire is the first baby for daughter Tracey and her husband Eliot.  I probably won't get to hold her for a couple months since they live in Tulsa.  But mommy is great to send me daily pictures.  She's adorable.
Claire weighed about 5 1/2 pounds but is gaining rapidly.  Not as rapidly as Tracey's cat Max!  We are really grateful for this new addition to our family.  Now we have 3 granddaughters and couldn't be happier with our all girl trend (well, except Mason).
I have been anticipating Claire's arrival and nothing could do for her other than my favorite current fabric  - Pam Kitty Garden. My super friend Pam sent it to me her latest fabric perfect for this occasion. Love her.  Thanks Pam. (I did include a couple fabrics from Pam's past lines  and 1 fabric that isn't in that line that has whimsical kitty faces just for Max.)
I used the scalloped edge from Sunrise Studio.  The aqua and red coordinate with Pam's fabric colors. I made a tiny error on a bit of it so it isn't "perfect" but it turned out so well and I'm in love with the edge.  I chose a quilt design straight out of Red Pepper Quilts inspiration by Rita. I love Rita's quilts.  Her quilts are simple and the fabric is always set to star.  She often gives simple directions on her blog, too.
I used the patchwork yardage (aka cheater cloth) design from Pam Kitty Garden for the back.  My handy dandy machine quilter Wendy from Eagle Mountain Quilting, made sure it was squared perfelctly before embellishing it with a great garden floral/leaf design.  It turned out exactly as I'd hoped.
Baby Claire is here and adorable baby quilt done.  I love finishing a project and standing back to admire.  I'm sure Claire will love it.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Quilty Fun First Birthday

Hi Everyone.  I've missed posting to my blog and talking to my friends.  Life is pretty complicated sometimes and that is the reason I'm taking an elongated break.  

Happy Birthday to Lori Holt's Quilty Fun book.  I am joining the FQS  Jolly Jabber bloggers birthday party with my birthday cake block.  Fun to make and super cute.  You can make a cake yourself.  Lori has the pattern at Bee in my Bonnet.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

August-Sept New Project

I really like working with the people at magazine.  Recently they asked me to submit another project for the August-September issue.
I made a kitchen project for the magazine.  Picking out fabrics for my projects is one of my favorite parts of any design.
I like to bind smaller projects by machine and  keep my hand binding for larger quilts. 
I can't show you my finished items yet but I will post about it sometime in July.  That isn't very far away.  We are sliding into summer soon.
I also made some scrappy binding while working on this project.  I have several quilts made with scrappy binding.  It is just a little more time consuming, but I love the outcome, so it is worth it.

Here is proof that I'm actually sewing.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hello my friends.  It has been too long since my last post.  I've been busy working on other areas of my life but I'm really missing quilting projects.  I'm excited today to tell you my picnic scrap quilt is featured in the latest Sew-it... magazine.
Issue 10
It is fun to have my quilt featured on the cover.  This is a great scrap project or a leaders and enders project. My friend Glenna is also featured in the magazine.
It is nice to have a quilt to pack for a trip, picnic, or dress a table for a barbecue.   This quilt was  a free tutorial on my blog.  
I really like to keep my scraps down to 2.5" and 4.5" pieces.  They seem like the most manageable sizes for me.
This quilt would make a great summer project along with several others featured in the June issue of Sew-it....  It is quick and fun to sew.  It's also a favorite quilt of mine to use because I get to visit all my lovely fabrics that were used in past projects.

I really gotta get back to sewing.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Better Late than Never

Don't you hate when a blogger gives you a sob story about why they haven't made any new posts or how busy and complicated their life is?  Well that is me.  I won't bore you with all the details but I will say that I had my entryway quilt and table still decorated with valentine themed stuff up until this past weekend.  That is so NOT like me.  I feel like a nightmare lately.  I blame my 2 kids on missions.  I'm kind of superstitious about no good deed going unpunished.  Anyway, I'm dealing with it all but there is no end in sight.
Sweet Donna at Donna's Lavender Nest included me on her 2014 Quilt Bee and this is/was my block for February.  I had to make a new block because I botched the first one.  Can you believe I botched a simple log cabin block?  February was Clover and Violet blocks.  
The March block is Amy at A Quilting Sheep.  Mostly Amy had us do the initial of our first name using Moda's letter patterns.  I found this block lots of fun to make.  
I really like to make little treat bags.  I enjoy looking at my notions or bits of fun fabrics to choose for little goody packs.  These will go along for the person hosting the bee that month.  I found it almost therapeutic to make these. 
Oh my gosh my photos are bad today.  Sorry about that.  I got Lori's latest book  mailed to me on a day I needed something fun to browse and relax reading.
I have been itching to make a quilt using Pam's navy pindot as the background fabric.  I really like this quilt in Lori's book and it is made using navy.  Maybe someday I can make it (insert sigh, poor me).

So hi to all my friends.  I'm sorry if I don't email back or pay attention to the blog world.  Blah blah blah, you don't want to hear me whine.  :-)


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Potholder Tutorial Rewind

"Doll House" Potholder Tutorial

 Because of lack of material I'm doing a rerun of one of my tutorials.  I'm still not able to sit at my machine for very long.  Recovery from bursitis isn't very fun.   And I'm rather sick of myself not being able to do normal stuff.  So I thought I would rewind to a time when I was my old creative self.  This is such a fun house block.  It makes me feel good to look backwards at all the fun things I've made. The block seemed like a perfect size for a pot holder but the Doll House could be applied to other crafts or quilt blocks.
It was really fun picking out fabric for each house and as with the cottages I enjoyed making each one unique.
Using the mylar batting called Insul-Bright keeps the potholder thin and light weight like regular cotton Warm and Natural batting. Just an FYI - the mylar batting is not safe in the microwave. I've never microwaved a hot pad, but you just never know. I only use one layer of the batting and I put the more shiny side facing the back. So far it works fine.
Doll House Cutting instructions:

House (1) 6" x 6" square; Roof (1) 6" x 3" strip; Background (2) 2 1/2" squares, (2) 8 1/2" x 2" strips, (1) 9" x 2" strip; Grass (1) 9" x 2" strip; Door (1) 3 1/2" x 2" rectangle; Window (1) fussy cut square approximately 2 1/2" or smaller depending on image in window and (optional) trim 7" long.

All seams are 1/4".
Round the upper corners of the door rectangle. Place the door along the bottom edge of the house and in from the right side edge of the house by 3/4". Position the fussy cut window in 3/4" from the left side edge of the house and down 1 1/4" from the top as shown above. Added note- You can fussy cut more windows and play with the placement. I sometimes put a little window in the attic. It is fun to look at your fabric and think what might be fun to fussy cut and put in the window or door.
Using black thread and your sewing machine's blanket stitch, attach the door and window to the house block.
Press a crease diagonally in the 2 1/2" squares cut from background fabric. With right sides together position the squares over the upper corners of the roof fabric.
Using the crease as a stitching guide, attach the squares to the roof stitching diagonally as above.
Trim to 1/4".
Press seam allowance outward towards the corners. You can see that I tried to center the stripe in the middle but that made the scalloped edge off center - oh well.
With right sides together stitch the roof to the house block. Press.
Trim is optional. Stitch trim just below the seam line below the roof securing both edges of the trim. Next sew the 2 strips of fabric (8 1/2" x 2") to the sides of the house. Press.
Stitch the (9" x 2") back ground strip and the green grass strip to the tops and bottom of the block. Press.
Finished Doll House blocks above. Some of the houses I made in slightly different sizes before I settled on the best size.
Cut a square of the mylar batting and the backing fabric larger than the Doll House block by at least 1" around all the edges. Place your finished Doll House block with mylar batting in between and a linen (or other fabric) backing and pin in place.
Machine quilting this block is very easy. Using a walking foot, stitch in the ditch around all seams, door, window, trim and back ground fabric edges.
Detail of machine quilting shown above in the back of the hot pad fabric.
Trim batting and backing from all sides and square up the Doll House block.
Using a rounded edge template mark a curved edge in each corner of the Doll House block. Cut on marked line as above.
Cut a bias binding and create a 4" long loop with binding fabric. Attach loop to the top of the Doll House block and bind as you would a quilt. Optionally you can sew a tiny button to the door for a door knob.
Fun, fast and easy to make, these Doll House hot pads make great gifts and are colorful additions to any kitchen. Make them by the dozens!

I haven't really been reading blogs or emailing friends.  Forgive me.  I hope this doesn't last forever.